Science Adventure Visual Novel Anonymous;Code Gets Character Trailer About Bambi, Riko, Iroha & Kaoru

Published: June 11, 2023 12:24 PM /



Today Spike Chunsoft released the fourth character trailer of the Western localization of Mages' visual novel Anonymous;Code

The trailer focuses on the police idol group (yes, I'm not joking) Cyber Force Dolls, namely Bambi Kurashina, Riko Sawai, and Iroha Kyogoku, alongside their boss Kaoru Samezu.


They're voiced in English by Cassandra Lee Morris, Xanthe Huynh, Emi Lo, and Daman Mills, and the trailer provides a sample of the English voiceovers. Do keep in mind that the game also includes Japanese voices performed by Ayano Yamamoto, Haruka Okaki, Mariko Honda, and Yoji Ueda respectively.

You can watch it below, alongside more trailers about Pollon and MomoCross and Wind, and Tengen, Nonoka, and Liddie, released in the past few weeks. 

You may have noticed that the headline mentions "Science Adventure" which is a franchise of visual novels including the well-known Steins;Gate. More examples are Chaos;Head Noah, Chaos;Child, and Robotics;Notes. Basically, if it has a semicolon in the title, it's a Science Adventure visual novel. 


Anonymous;Code is the latest game of the franchise, produced by Chiyomaru Shikura himself. It was released in Japan in 2022 after several delays. The game was originally scheduled to launch on PS Vita and it was announced a whole eight years ago in 2015. At some point, the fanbase pretty much lost hope, but ultimately Mages has managed to deliver. Now we're getting a localized version, which is likely much more than most fans expected. 

Anonymous;Code will launch in North America and Europe on September 8, 2023, for PC via Steam, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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