Pax Dei Gameplay Footage Detailed in Developer Diary Video

Published: June 11, 2023 4:52 PM /


Pax Dei

The PC Gaming Show kicked off today with a number of extended looks at upcoming games including Pax Dei. Billed as a game that will emphasize player agency in a similar vein as EVE Online, Pax Dei will bring a unique approach to lore, items, and story items while offering up a full breadth of storytelling as expected of an RPG. Not only is Pax Dei influenced by real-life folklore, inspiration for some of the locales has been drawn directly from real life such as a castle located in Finland.

The footage, which was released online in a nearly 20-minute video, takes a look at the game's alpha build as well as what players can expect when they get into the playable world. One of the key elements, for example, involves building your home and improving your quality of life for yourself and others. The social element is important and Pax Dei is really pushing the idea of doing things together rather than doing it alone such as trading and interacting in towns. On the lore front, the developers wanted to create something that was grounded in reality but that isn't a direct historical copy so there will be things like dungeons and you'll be able to find snippets of lore from when these were created.


The lore further expands to the gameplay itself, so you will be able to find and examine things and then find snippets that will help you find other places and items in the game itself. The area of the game that will be playable when it launches will be called Galea, which is very similar to real-world southern France. As the developers are based in Europe, expect Pax Dei to have a lot of that sort of influence throughout.

For more on Pax Dei, including the alpha gameplay footage, check out the full presentation below.

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