inXile Announces Steampunk FPS Clockwork Revolution

Published: June 11, 2023 2:08 PM /


A defaced poster for Lady Ironwood in the inXile game Clockwork Revolution

Today, inXile announced a new steampunk FPS by the name of Clockwork Revolution. The trailer for the game debuted at the Xbox Games Showcase and shows a detailed-looking steampunk world complete with all the clockwork and machinery you could hope for. It's coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC "in due time".

There's more than a whiff of BioShock about the corrupted utopia that the trailer for Clockwork Revolution presents. Xbox describes the game as "a fantastical, first-person action RPG" that will feature time manipulation in combat, as well as interlocking RPG systems and the ability to create your own character. Would you expect any less from inXile, after all?


You'll play as a resident of the city of Avalon who discovers the power to travel backwards in time. Avalon, it turns out, is a carefully-constructed lie built on time manipulation, and it's up to you to travel back to key moments in the city's history and discover the sinister truth behind its origins. As you do so, you'll interact with the inhabitants of the city, who will "change and react in unprecedented ways".

Clockwork Revolution has some serious heft behind it in creative terms; it's being helmed by Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura's Chad Moore and Jason Anderson, who clearly know their steampunk onions. This'll be inXile's first AAA action-RPG, and studio head (and industry legend) Brian Fargo says the studio is excited to utilize Microsoft's resources in order to create the game.

Clockwork Revolution is coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC at some point in the future, and it'll be playable on Xbox Game Pass on day one. The team at inXile is still in a pre-alpha stage of development, so what you've seen here isn't finished by any means. Watch out for more Clockwork Revolution news as and when we get it, but in the meantime, you can take a look at everything else that was announced during today's Xbox Games Showcase.


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