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Media kit, is the market leader in electric transport industry news in Europe, giving our international readers the best insights into this rapidly growing industry. We have closely followed the development of electric mobility and its infrastructure since 2013. Our stories engage on multiple platforms through our newsletter, website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Use channels to advertise your product innovations, stories and webinars. With our services, you reach around 25,200 experts in electric mobility (November 2022) from all over the globe, our readership is most concentrated in Europe, North America and Asia.

We are happy to consult you in line with your marketing or sales goals and your budget requirements. Contact us via

Who do I reach? reaches manufacturers of all means of electric vehicles, suppliers of vital components and producers and providers of charging and hydrogen infrastructure. Fleet managers, energy suppliers, scientists, mobility providers, other media outlets and decision makers in government and other institutions all use our news services to keep up with the latest developments in electric mobility.

How can I book ads?

Just send an email with your ideas to We will advise your products and or services with the best possible format, position and timing. You will then receive an individual proposal from us. Upon request, our creative team will help you with the design and wording of the ads. We also provide on the click count report for every ad placement.

What else?

Do you want to address experts in electric mobility over a longer period of time to better establish yourself as an attractive partner or market leader? In that case, you should decide on one of our partnership packages. This way you can move your product innovation or an event in the centre of attention for 3, 6 or 12 months. The placement of your logo and a corresponding link in the sidebar of our website is guaranteed. Find more information about the partnership packages in our media kit.

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