Jun 9, 2023 - 03:21 pm

Trailer Dynamics & Mars Logistics to deploy 500 eTrailers

In Europe, Mars Logistics has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Trailer Dynamics to reserve and deploy 500 eTrailers for fully zero-emission routes from Turkey to Germany. The use of eTrailers enables intermodal transport between trains and trucks on a route that spans over 2,500 kilometres.

The first part of the entire 2,500-kilometre route will be covered by electrified trains. The eTrailers will then be combined with electrified trucks and complete the final section of the route from Luxembourg to Mannheim in Germany.

The eTrailers are ideal for intermodal transport because the drive control of the eTrailer works independently, so no interface to the tractor is necessary. The Trailer Dynamics’ eTrailers are suitable for tractors from all manufacturers and support diesel, gas, electric and hydrogen-powered tractor units.

The eTrailers can be equipped with model type 400 kWh or type 600 kWh batteries as required. This can extend the range of electric tractors by up to 600 km.  For companies who have not yet transitioned their fleets off fossil fuels, the Trailer can significantly reduce the fuel consumption of conventional diesel tractors.

Mars Logistics says it will gradually roll out these 500 eTrailers across its European network from 2025 onwards.

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