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diablo 4 mount

The world of Sanctuary is bigger than ever before in Diablo IV. If you're looking to get around as fast and efficiently as possible, you'll want to get yourself a trusty steed. Fortunately, you can move a lot faster once you get a mount, and if you follow along with our Diablo IV mount guide, we'll help you get up to speed (hah) in no time. Read on to find out how to get one!

If you're just starting your journey, getting around the Diablo IV map can be a pain in the butt, especially when you're trying to conquer Strongholds or find Altars of Lilith. We've got a number of other guides, linked below, to check out!


How Do I Get a Mount in Diablo IV?

diablo 4 mount quest
After talking to Donan, head here.

Getting access to your first mount in Diablo IV is simple, but you'll have to put quite a few hours into Diablo IV's main story to access the stables. That said, you'll have to make it all the way to the start of Act IV in Diablo IV. Minutes into this act, you'll be prompted to go to Kyovashad to talk with Donan in the cathedral. Talking with Donan will advance the main Act but also unlock a Priority Quest, which is separate from the story.

You can talk to Donan once more to access the Priority Quest called Mount: Donan's Favor. After a brief conversation, Diablo IV will prompt you to talk to Kyovashad's Stablemaster, Oskar. Oskar is near the city gates and southwest from the city's portal.

Talking with Oskar will result in a short conversation and complete the Priority Quest. Upon completion, players are granted a mount free of charge, and should have access to additional mounts gained from various editions of Diablo IV and more. Once this is unlocked, your alts or any new characters should gain access to mounts as well.


diablo 4 mount terror
Your abilities are replaced with a new UI with your mount boost and more.

How Mounts Work in Diablo IV

Diablo IV's tutorial system explains the mechanics behind mounts in Diablo IV, but for a quick refresher, here's how you can take full advantage of your new mount. Mounts are, of course, much faster than walking in Diablo IV and allow you to traverse the gargantuan game world. Pressing space makes your mount go even faster, and the amount of boosts you have is denoted by the horseshoe symbol on your action bar. These boosts refresh in about 10 seconds.

While you can ride through packs of enemies on your Diablo IV mount, you'll want to monitor the thin orange line near your boosts on the action bar. Your mount can get spooked by monsters you'll inevitably come across in Diablo IV, and it kicks you off if this meter reaches its max. Be careful and you should be able to scale the terrain at lightning speed! If you need to take out some enemies, pressing 1 on PC or the controller's equivalent will allow you to make a dismount attack.

You can get more mounts in Diablo IV

diablo 4 mount shop


Players start out with the "Old Nell Steed" as their first mount, but as you progress through Diablo IV, you can buy or unlock more. Some mounts are accessible through certain editions of Diablo IV or other means of monetization, but from the start you should at least have access to purchase two additional horses from the stable vendor.

Go to the stables and click "Vendor" at the middle top of the screen. The Grey Steed and Mottled Steed should be available to purchase for 20,000 gold each. These horses are available at all stable masters, so if you go to the stable master in Ked Bardu, it will provide players with the same selection. Cosmetic horse armor called bardings are also available for purchase and more opens for customizing your horse should probably open up over time.


The Fields of Hatred in Diablo IV also has a vendor named Fariba that sells more bardings, mount trophies and even the "Reins of the Bloody Steed" through currency gained in this PVE/PVP hybrid area. Some mount cosmetics or even new mounts can be gained from side quests or drops.

What to Do if You Missed the Mount in Diablo IV

Did you talk to Donan once again? Don't worry, it's very hard to miss getting your first mount in Diablo IV. Just remember to talk to Donan after speaking to him near the beginning of Act IV. Priority Quest: Donan's Favor will also show up in its own Priority Quest section in your quest log.

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