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Last Update: June 1, 2023


Diablo IV Map and Locations Guide - Cover Image World Map at an Angle

Our guide will show you the full Diablo IV Map including Waypoint Locations, Dungeon Locations, Stronghold Locations, and more!

The world of Diablo IV has a lot to explore. There are terrifying Strongholds with tough monsters and Altars of Lilith that can boost the stats of all of your characters. Read on to see the full Diablo IV Map and learn about exploring the world of Sanctuary!


Diablo IV Map

Diablo IV Map and Locations Guide - World Map Top
Diablo IV Map and Locations Guide - World Map Bottom

For the first time in franchise history, the Diablo IV map has fixed geometry for the overworld. There is no randomization when you start a new game or join someone else's. Dungeons, Cellars, and other sub-locations, however, may have a small degree of randomization.

Diablo IV Map Locations

There are several types of locations in the world of Diablo IV -- here's a quick primer on what you'll see on the map.


  • Cities - Each Region has its own City. All Cities have the same services available along with your Stash and Wardrobe. Your town Portal will take you to the nearest City that you've discovered. For example, if you're in the Dry Steppes but haven't yet found Ked Bardu, using the Town Portal may actually transport you to Kyovashad instead. All Cities have a Waypoint which looks cosmetically different from the standard Waypoint.
  • Towns - Towns are smaller safe villages, camps, etc. They will have some merchants and services, but no Stash or Wardrobe.
  • Strongholds - Strongholds are overworld dungeons that must be conquered by solving a puzzle and defeating several bosses. Once conquered, a Stronghold will convert into a Town or a different kind of hostile area. They are represented by a red flaming skull on the map.
  • Dungeon - Dungeons are exactly what it says on the tin -- self-contained areas where you can solve puzzles, find loot, and fight enemies. Completing Dungeons will unlock Aspects, and there are also Nightmare Dungeons.
  • Cellar - Cellars are miniature Dungeons that can usually be completed in just a few minutes.
  • Waypoint - Waypoints allow for instantaneous transport to any other Waypoint you've discovered once they're activated. Additionally, you can take a Town Portal to any Waypoint you've discovered, even if it's not in a Town or City.
  • Altar of Lilith - Altars of Lilith can power up all of the characters on the same Realm, but you'll have to find them on the Map. It's worth the time it takes to hunt them all down!
  • World Events - World Events are usually marked by a white diamond or orange circle. These can be found in the overworld and within Dungeons. Completing a World Event will earn you some loot and Murmuring Obols.
  • PVP Zones - There are two PVP zones in the game -- one is in the Dry Steppes and the other is in Kehjistan. You cannot actually fight in PVP unless you've flagged yourself for PVP. PVP Zones contain a unique currency that can only be acquired within these zones.

How to Unlock the Full Diablo IV Map

The Diablo IV Map is restricted to a small, limited area of the world while you're playing the tutorial. Once Lorath leaves Kyovashad, the world will open up and you'll be able to explore the vast majority of the Map. It's a good idea to find all of the Altars of Lilith that you can; the bonuses you unlock will apply to all characters. The regional bonuses for exploring will also apply to all characters. These two bonus categories will allow subsequent characters to begin the game with higher stats and additional Skill Points.

However, you cannot access certain portions of the Map at the very beginning of the game. Some areas are closed off until you progress to a certain point in the main story. Once you gain access to these areas, you'll generally be able to return to them at any time.

Additionally, some portions of the Map will change depending on your actions. Strongholds, for example, will typically be hostile areas with tougher-than-normal enemies populating them. Clearing out a Stronghold will permanently change that area for your character. In some cases, it may open up a new peaceful location such as a town in place of the Stronghold.


That's the end of our Diablo IV Map and Locations Guide. Check out our other guides below!

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