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Last Update: June 1, 2023


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Diablo IV features a number of endgame ways to get gear an improve your characters. Helltide is one of these, appearing periodically and offering up lots of rewards if you put the time in. Follow our Diablo IV Helltide Guide to find out more.

For more information on Diablo IV's other endgame content, check out our guides on Nightmare Dungeons and Whispers of the Dead. We also cover how you should be upgrading your gear and the Paragon system.


How to Unlock Diablo IV Helltide

Helltide is a timed event that appears periodically once you reach World Tier 3 or above, which is only available after completing the first Capstone Dungeon quest in World Tier 2. A popup will appear at the top of the screen when one starts, with the general Helltide area marked with a red flaming wrong icon on the map. Helltide lasts for around an hour, with the remaining time shown when hovering over the map icon, or next to the minimap when in the area itself. 

Diablo IV Aberrant Cinders

The main goal while in Helltide is to collect Aberrant Cinders. This is a currency that drops from enemies, events, and sometimes from interactable objects in the environment. Cinders drop at a fairly consistent rate, though you're encouraged to spend them as soon as you can — any Cinders you have when Helltide ends will be lost. The current amount of Aberrant Cinders you're carrying can be seen in the top right of the screen, next to the Helltide timer. 

Character standing next to a Tortured Gift of Mysteries in Diablo IV.


What Rewards Can You Get from Helltide in Diablo IV?

Collecting Cinders on their own isn't enough to get any rewards. Instead, you must search for Tortured Gifts scattered through the Helltide zones. These will be marked on the map with a special chest icon, though the amount of Cinders you need to unlock them wont be shown unless you examine the chest directly. The cost for Tortured Gifts can vary, though most only cost between 100-200 Cinders. Tortured Gifts will drop a piece of gear based on the chest's name, with "Tortured Gift of Mysteries" giving a random drop of any type. 

Tortured Gifts are also a source of Fiend Roses, a rare crafting material used for healing potion upgrades and certain types of incense, so you'll want to check out Helltide eventually even if you're planning on gearing up via Nightmare Dungeons instead.

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