Diablo IV Character Customization Guide

Last Update: June 1, 2023


diablo 4 character customization

One feature fans are definitely going to want to explore is character customization. With the more social, online elements of Diablo IV, there are plenty of ways to stand out and look unique.

With many different cosmetic armor choices unique to each class and even mount customization, Diablo IV character creation has never been this robust for the series, so if you're trying to look your best and know the limits of Diablo IV's customization options, read further to learn more!


What is Diablo IV's Character Customization Like?

diablo iv character customization

Diablo IV's character customization offers more choices than any other game in the series. In previous games, players could only choose their class, but Diablo III introduced a choice of gender. Right after picking one of five classes in Diablo IV -- barbarian, necromancer, sorcerer, rogue, and druid -- you're sent to the character customization screen. From there, you can choose your character's gender and a range of options to alter facial structure, skin color, hair, and more.

To be a bit more specific, players always have a choice of four face variations and dozens of skin tones, as well as a handful of eye colors. Players are also able to choose over a dozen hair styles and some facial hair options -- for males, you'll have beards to choose from whereas female options include different eyebrows. Every class also has at least one or two unique, class-specific hair and facial hair options.


Beyond that, there's also a range of makeup, jewelry, and markings options. Markings are akin to body paint and tattoos to add a bit of extra flair and personality to your character. While you're finalizing your character, be sure to press "E" on PC (or your console equivalent) to see what they look like with armor on.

Can I Change My Hair and Skin Color in Diablo IV?

Once you've created your character, the only aspects of your character you can change in Diablo IV are makeup, jewelry, markings, and marking colors at a wardrobe. Wardrobes are located in several cities across Sanctuary such as Kyovashad, which are all denoted on the city map with a wardrobe icon. As of right now, you cannot change your gender, eye color, face, skin color, hair, facial hair, and hair color after completion.

Can I Customize Armor in Diablo IV?

diablo iv character customization


Like its predecessor, you can customize your armor through the "transmog" system in Diablo IV. Armor customization is accessed through the wardrobe function. All armor slots including helmet, chest, gloves, legs, and feet can be altered. Unlike Diablo III, Diablo IV keeps the look of your transmog even after equipping new pieces of gear. At the bottom of the  screen, you're also able to customize the pigment of each armor piece. You can also choose to color all armor pieces a single color.

Transmogs aren't exclusive to armor, either. Players can select a weapon transmog just like armor; however, do note you cannot change the color of weapons. For classes that wield different types of weapons like the barbarian, if you equip a one-handed blunt weapon in the slot a one-handed slashing weapon once stood, it will overwrite this weapon slot's transmog.


Lastly, you can also choose a back trophy gained under certain circumstances such as participating in Diablo IV's beta.

You're also able to save your transmog in an ensemble near the top of the wardrobe screen. Ensembles lock these outfits in so you can switch on the fly. You start out with a free ensemble slot, but four additional slots can be purchased with in-game gold. The first slot is 2500 gold and each additional slot will double in price.

How Do I Get More Armor Appearances in Diablo IV?

diablo iv character customization

Armor appearances are gained by scrapping loot. Go to the blacksmith to salvage any unneeded loot and you will also gain that armor or weapon's appearance. Picking up loot simply isn't enough, so if you're wondering where an appearance armor might be, make sure to talk to the blacksmith and salvage.

Incidentally, there is at least one additional way to get more armor appearances outside of this method or buying cosmetics with real currency. A vendor named Fatin in the PVP town Alzuuda within the Dry Steppes sells a unique cosmetic set of armor pieces exclusively bought through Red Dust, which is gained via PVP. A second vendor named Askar is selling the same set can be found in Denshar within the Kehjistan region.


Diablo IV's battle pass and premium shop also offer more customization options including new weapons, armor, mounts, and more.

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