Base-Building FPS Chimera Announced

Published: June 11, 2023 6:30 PM /


Chimera announced for PC

PC gamers have another title to look forward to with the reveal of Chimera - a first-person open-world game that involves base building that was just announced at the PC Gaming Show. Developed by Creepy Jar, Chimera is said to have tons of exploration. You'll be able to team up with up to four friends or play solo in an ever-changing planetary environment. Not only will you extract and manage resources but you'll create a complex industrial system and fight off copious amounts of alien monsters along the way.

With the theme of man versus nature, Chimera is set in a sci-fi environment where elemental cataclysms and extreme temperatures loom as a constant danger. The player will take on the mantle of a convict exiled from Earth to serve their sentence mining and expanding industrial production, as well as researching new technology on a new planet filled with plenty of danger and mystery.


Michał Stawicki, Game Director at Creepy Jar, accompanied the announcement with a statement: 

We want to spice up what players think they know about base-building and add our own special touch alongside our now expansive knowledge of the survival genre. And just like we did with Green Hell, we’ll tap into the most important resource we have—our players and community—to expand and enhance the game when it releases in Early Access.

Whilst Chimera currently doesn't have a release date other than "coming soon", players can add the game to their Steam wishlist in anticipation of future updates, including Early Access, to come at a later date. In the meantime, the reveal trailer can be viewed in full below.

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