Airborne Empire Announced by Airborne Kingdom Developer

Published: June 10, 2023 11:55 AM /


Airborne Empire city

Today The Wandering Band announced a brand new city-building game titled Airborne Empire

If the name of the game or the developer rings a bell, it should, as it's the same people behind the charming Airborne Kingdom released last year. The new game is coming to Steam in early access in 2024.


The announcement was made with a trailer that will certainly feel familiar to fans of the studio's previous game. Feel free to watch it below.

Here's what we can expect from Airborne Empire according to the developer.

Build your unique flying city
Airborne Empire, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Airborne Kingdom, challenges players to build, manage, and grow their own unique city in the skies. They traverse a vast and rich open world full of new dangers, exotic wonders, and many hidden treasures. The unique lift, balance, and propulsion mechanics return, but a new foe has emerged: pirates upend the city’s tranquility, and players must defend their inhabitants – and the kingdoms below! – from destructive attacks. Only clever and daring leaders can grow and protect their homes, seek out and destroy enemy strongholds, and finally reunite the peoples of this world.

Research and discover through exploration
While exploring a variety of biomes, players find themselves deep in an open-world full of rich characters, dialogue choices, side-quests, and lost marvels. By helping the peoples below, they gain the knowledge to develop new technologies – including new lift, propulsion, and morale buildings. They’ll also gain access to better tools for defense – and offense – against the pirate threat; defense towers, cannons, and attack planes can be researched, upgraded, and augmented with the tools found by combing the world and unraveling its mysteries.

Reforge a harmonious world
If players can manage the challenges along this adventure, they’ll find themselves the leaders of a sprawling sky city, with enough prowess to defend against any incoming threats. It shall be the capital of a harmonious empire – the Airborne Empire of legend – reforged under their banners.

If you'd like to know more about what The Wandering Band can do, you can read our review of Airborne Kingdom, in which we described the game as "a cozy, comfortable delight that mixes management and exploration flawlessly; the focus is not on keeping your citizens alive while crossing the open world, but keeping them fulfilled and thriving."


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